Our Products in Detail

  • Can view and apply for daily vacancies updated in our 60+ Premium Whatsapp Groups. We also update the results of candidates shortlisted/selected in our Whatsapp groups with currently 80+ Nationalities.
    Validity of membership-Life Time
  • Exclusive access to all jobs listed in RightVows Mobile App on daily basis Exclusive vacancies are only available to RightVows where we do initial interviews and final interviews with clients. More chances of getting shortlisted.
    Validity of membership-One Year
  • Once payment is confirmed, the CV expert will get in touch with you for further assistance. They will capture all your details by sending you a CV Assessment Form and will send you a draft CV. Once you finish your final suggestions, we will send you the final Resume in 4-3 working days.

  • More than 575 Million Professionally Connected Users on LinkedIn. An all Star LinkedIn Profile with well-connected network/followers along with hashtags is a biggest asset in your Job Hunt. Studies reveal that 122 million people received an interview through LinkedIn. We make your LinkedIn Profile stronger and unique by endorsing skills, adding connections and reworking on your profile.
  • We have more than 20k+ companies associated with us. Also we are updating the list on daily basis. You will have the access to send your resumes to these companies for getting interview calls. Imagine if you are a medical professional, you will be getting more responses, if you are able to send your resumes to healthcare industry related companies. We have made options to select industries before sending profile.
    Validity of membership- 6 Months
  • (Perfect Resume+ Professional LinkedIn Profile)
    A professionally written Resume which can parse ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
    Direct sitting with Mr. Ebin Elias (Founder CEO, RightVows) at our Dubai Office
    A well connected LinkedIn Profile written by Mr. Ebin Elias.
    A professional Cover Letter
    RightVows Expert Opinion (REO) Whatsapp Group membership
  • Whenever you seek help for job,mostly people will say "Forward me your CV,let me check".
    But how many of them are actually checking or forwarding your CV?
    For this we have launched a unique service "PerfectResume"
    ✅Unique CV URL
    ✅How many recruiters or companies have viewed or downloaded your CV?
    The view location
    ✅You can also send a self introductory video (especially for jobseekers from home countries)
    ✅Can view in mobile and desktop
  • To reach a high profile job you need to have a professional resume which can parse the Application Tracking System(ATS). using strategic key words so that the Job Description (JD) set by recruiters will match yours from irrelevant applications.This includes two direct sittings with our Resume Expert at our Dubai Office.
  • An Exclusive One to One Consultation Session.
    RightVows Get Connected Access
    send your CV to 20k+ companies
    ✅CAREER SEARCH TIPS : 30 Minutes
    ✅DEMO INTERVIEWS : 15 Minutes
    ✅Total Duration : 2:30 Hours
    Mr.Ebin Elias
    Founder CEO , RightVows
  • Few Topics you can discuss in group with our Career Experts through REO.  CV/LinkedIn Profile/Cover Letter preparation  How to send email to recruiters  Recruitment Companies based on Industry types / sector/  Salary package offered based on UAE exp & other country exp  UAE labor laws/Visas  Certificate Attestations  Interview Preparations  Fake offer letters received on emails
    Validity of membership-Life Time
  • Details on RightVows Fly Dubai Package for those who wish to come on visit searching jobs in UAE https://rightvows.com/MakeMyCV/flydubai.pdf
    For more details contact [email protected]


    Visit Visa- 30 days+ Insurance
    Accommodation- 1 month
    RightVows Premium Whatsapp Group Membership
    RightVows Premium Mobile App Membership
    RightVows Get Connected Access
    Professional Resume Writing
    Career Training- 60 Minutes
    Pricing: AED 1899 or INR 37980


    Visit Visa- 90 days+ Insurance
    Accommodation- 1 month
    RightVows Premium Whatsapp Group Membership
    RightVows Premium Mobile App Membership
    RightVows Get Connected Access
    Professional Resume Writing
    Career Training- 90 Minutes
  • We create a professional unique email id which you can use exclusively for job hunt.
    For eg, if your email id is [email protected] , we make it as professional and unique [email protected]
  • Standard
    CV Submission at our Office + Induvidual Consultation with our Career Expert
    Pricing: AED 30 or 8 USD
    CV Submission at our Office + Individual Consultation with our Career Expert RightVows Premium Whatsapp Membership + Premium MobileApp Membership
    Pricing: AED 120 or 32.67 USD
    Customised Package plus RightVows GetConnected Service
  • A one minute professional video along with Professional CV preparation assistance
    Also a unique feature to know whether your cv is actually viewed by an employer
    Premium account on PerfectResume