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Just Share the Link of post you created on Social Media (Say a job request, hiring post or your CV posted on LinkedIn)

We will circulate your post on a wider network through our team

Our volunteers will Share, Like and Comment your posts so that it reaches a larger audience

Easy steps

1. Register here visit and join our free platform

2. Share the link of your Social Media Post on our platform

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1. I will only post the links of my social media posts in the group

2.I will be removed if any content violates privacy policy of RightVows

3.I accept the full responsibility of my social media posts advertised through RightVows

4. Things to be noted

This group is only for sharing your social media posting links (LinkedIn/Insta/TikTok/YouTube)

No wishes or self introductions

You can like/share/comment on others's posting links and they will also do the same when you Post links

Will be removed if any postings done outside the scope of above