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What is RightVows Banker?

“RightVows Banker” is a unique platform connecting various banking services under one umbrella.

Who can be part of RightVows Banker?

  • Any Banking/Insurance/Finance professional currently working in Gulf Countries or having Banking Experience.
  • Any customer looking for any banking services like Personal loan/Credit Cards/Insurance/Account Opening etc in Gulf Countries
  • Anyone who wants to refer their friends for any of the above services from various Banks across GCC

How it Works?

Registered Bankers will be notified about various job vacancies related to Banking/Insurance sectors to their registered email. They will also be notified when a customer updates a service request (Banking services like Insurance, Credit Cards,loans etc) through RightVows Banker

A customer requesting any of the Banking services will be connected to the best available banking professionals from different Banks/Insurance Companies across Gulf Countries

How does I earn Income?

While you drop a customer lead through our platform for any of the banking services we will connect with best banking services and we will share a percentage of service charges once your lead is been converted to a service. We will also notify you about this through email.

Kindly note that RightVows doesn’t hold any obligation or commitment regarding leads/vacancies or services. We will try our best to satisfy our customer needs without any legal or financial obligations from our end